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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] M3 Testing status

* Pascal Rapicault <Pascal_Rapicault@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-10-30 19:33]:
> > Okay, my problem now is that I can't get the admin UI to allow me to
> > provision "userui" into an M2 profile.  I heard people saying there was
> > an issue with the 20071030-0010 build.  Would this issue be affecting me
> > being able to provision userui?
>       These two issues should be unrelated. However on our request Kim
> wiped-out the update site from download.eclipse.org and therefore you will
> no longer find there the "userui" IU.

With today's agent, I can provision an M2 SDK (with locally-generated
metadata) but can't install "userui" due to a dependency on a more
recent jdt.source.  I'm downloading today's SDK but it's taking a while.
I'll report back when it's done.


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