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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] M3 Testing status


* Susan M Franklin <susan_franklin@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-10-30 16:38]:
> >1) after some hand-holding by Pascal, I got metadata generated for both
> >3.4M2 and I200710300010 in the same location.  If I do this, I only get
> >one "sdk" entry.  Is this desirable?  I can't install the 3.4M2 "sdk".
> Did you change the -rootVersion property in the metadata generator for each
> generation?

This was my problem.  It does indeed work if I change this property.

> >However, I get no "Software Updates (incubation)"
> >in the SDK.  Should I?
> After/while you provision the SDK, you need to install the "userui".  Otherwise
> you won't have "Software Updates (Incubation)".

Okay, my problem now is that I can't get the admin UI to allow me to
provision "userui" into an M2 profile.  I heard people saying there was
an issue with the 20071030-0010 build.  Would this issue be affecting me
being able to provision userui?

I've now begun trying an agent download from the 28th but I can't even
add a metadataRepository for 3.4M2 with it.  Is this a known bug?



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