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[equinox-dev] new Equinox services from ProSyst

We are now ready with the source code of our OSGi services which we
will contribute to Equinox. These are:

- Implementation of OSGi Declarative Services Specification
- Implementation of OSGi IO Connector Service Specification
- Implementation of OSGi Initial Provisioning
- Implementation of OSGi Wire Admin Service Specification

We have done the following:

-all class packages have now names in the Eclipse namespace;
-all common utility classes used in the implementation of the services
above are packed in a separated bundle (util.jar) which is also
available under EPL and uses the Eclipse namespace;
-there are no dependencies on any other ProSyst classes.

My understanding is that we are currently not able to put any code
directly into the incubator area. Our case should be covered by Fig.6
of the document at
http://www.eclipse.org/legal/EclipseLegalProcessPoster.pdf, which
means that we need to fill the Contribution Questionnaire on Committer
Tools, to which we do not have access because we do not have a
committer status yet.

Jeff could you help us on this issue (I have already asked for a
committer status for our developers Pavlin Dobrev and Teodor Todorov)?
I can also provide a public link for FTP download and you can then put
the source into the Equinox CVS but I assume that this does not comply
with the defined legal process. How should we proceed?