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Re[2]: [equinox-dev] About the benchmarks of OSGi

R3 are still compatible with R4. R4 added some new
class loading features but they are mostly in the more esoteric range
for large deployments that do not want to refactor their code.

R3 bundles are still more or less the preferred mode and run unchanged
on R4 frameworks.

Kind regards,

     Peter kriens

PR> First you would have to compare OSGi implementations that are
PR> functionnaly equivalents. For example eclipse' osgi implements
PR> R4.0 behavior which is a lot different than the R3.0.
PR> Then depending on which aspects you want to measure you would
PR> probably have to instrument the code base in order to get
PR> comparable numbers.
PR> Some numbers that could be interesting:
PR> � � � � - memory consumption of a bundle
PR> � � � � - time to load a class
PR> � � � � - startup time
PR> � � � � - how many bundles can the system handle
PR> � � � � - service lookup time

PR> PaScaL

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PR> [equinox-dev] About the benchmarks of OSGi

PR> Hi all
PR>  I am very interested in the Eclipse and OSGi technology. Now
PR> I am doing the research about OSGi, and I want to know whether
PR> there are some key points or benchmarks that can measure the
PR> performance of the OSGi platform(such as Eclipse OSGi,SMF etc.)
PR> ,for example the usage of virtual memory, physics memory, basic
PR> startup time, and so on. That is if I want to compare several OSGi
PR> platform’s performance, and optimize one of them, which aspects
PR> should I consider? Which aspects could demonstrate the performance
PR> of a OSGi platform?And if I want to do some optimization for OSGi
PR> platform,which aspects can I optimize?what is the Future
PR> directions?Any response will be appreciated, thanks very much.

PR>  Best wishes, Zhoujing

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