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Re: [equinox-dev] Re: [eclipse-dev] Export-Package list: The plan

The component.xml file format is described here:

Note that this is not an OSGi or Eclipse runtime mechanism.  The 
component.xml files are taken as input to a separate validation tool run 
at build time (i.e. a releng build, not as a builder within the IDE).


Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA 
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04/13/2005 09:25 AM
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Glyn Normington <glyn_normington@xxxxxxxxxx>
[equinox-dev] Re: [eclipse-dev] Export-Package list:  The plan

Hey Glyn, 

I believe that there is some doc for the component.xml stuff but am not 
sure where it is.  The x-internal and x-friends markup is "documented" in 


Glyn Normington/UK/IBM@IBMGB 
04/13/2005 03:47 AM 

Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA 
Re: [eclipse-dev] Export-Package list:  The planLink

Hi Jeff, 

Is there a write up of component.xml files and the use of "x-internal" and 
"x-friends"? Presumably this is effectively a multi-bundle component 

Do the rules below also apply to any OSGi bundles that may eventually be 
shared between Eclipse and other OSGi platforms which don't have such a 
component model? I would hope not. 

(I kept this off the main eclipse-dev mailing list so as not to dilute 
your mandate.) 


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Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> 
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08/04/2005 20:55 

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[eclipse-dev] Export-Package list:  The plan

There is still some confusion around the Export-Package list in the 
MANIFEST.MF.  Allow me to clarify the situation for all Eclipse SDK 

*   ALL Eclipse SDK plugins must list ALL of their packages in their 
MANIFEST.MF files.   
*   API or not.  If you have a package on your plugin's classpath, it must 
be listed.   
*   New?  List it!  Old?  List it!  Borrowed from a friend? List it!   

Exceptions to this model should be taken up with the PMC. 

Notice that this puts us in exactly the same situation as we have always 
been in.  Everyone has the ability to see everything.  As we have seen in 
the past couple days, the community's desire/need for the freedom to 
access non-API is overwhelming.  In fact, this forms a critical part of 
the Eclipse ecosystem allowing experimentation and investigation. 

This approach is NOT at odds with, and is fundamentally separate from, our 
ongoing work to get control over the API and help developers stay on "the 
right path".  That effort is supported by the addition of the 
component.xml files, the use of "x-internal" and "x-friends" annotations 
on export entries and the PDE/JDT work to more accurately model the 
runtime classpath at development time.   

All teams please review your Export-Package lists and ensure that all 
packages are listed correctly. 
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