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[emft-dev] [EMFatic] Textual Ecore file extension and syntax (Was: Alignment with OCLinEcore)

Hi Miles, Sven

Regarding the file extension, I agree that something closer to *.ecore would be better.
As a final note, if there is no way to simply use .ecore for both persistence types, I really don't think .emfatic is a good choice. I know that there is a history and it's a cute name, but the relationship to .ecore is just not that strong or obvious given that it is really just another representational dialect. Perhaps something like .etext or .ecorex..

I favour *.etext.

But if choosing a new extension is its syntax still Emfatic? or KM3 or QVTo metamodel subset or ...

Wrapping OCL (which is a "name-colon-type" language) in Emfatic (which is a "type-space-name" language) is a bit odd.

At the underlying Xtext CST model there is no difference, so potentially many similar concrete syntaxes could share the same pragmatic Xtext-CST model and subsequent Xtext-CST to Ecore-AST.

(Where many compatible rival syntaxes exist a general Save As ... would be helpful.)

Since the Simple Ecore Editor Outline tree is "name-colon-type", shouldn't *.etext also be a "name-colon-type" language?


        Ed Willink

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