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Re: [emft-dev] [EMFatic] Alignment with OCLinEcore

Hi Ed,

cool that you're implementing OCL in Xtext. We have similar plans for EMFatic. We're working on a base language for Xtext (called Xbase) which allows people to create new languages which extends and reused parts (or everything) of it. We want to implement an EMFatic editor based on it.


On Mar 27, 2010, at 8:46 AM, Ed Willink wrote:


Failure to obtain permission to bundle IMP Runtime for use by the MDT/OCL Examples editors forces a change of a approach. Fortunately Xtext provides a very attractive solution.

Support for the new EMF validation/setting/invocation delegates with OCL implementations requires an editor for Ecore files with embedded OCL expressions. MDT/OCL will therefore be developing (targetted at M7) an Xtext EssentialOCL.xtext that can be reused to support OCL document editing by a CompleteOCL.xtext and embedded OCLinEcore editing by OCLinEcore.xtext. EssentialOCL.xtext should also be re- useable by QVTr.xtext and QVTc.xtext.

Xtext would appear to make supporting simple structural languages such as EMFatic trivial.

It would appear that EMFatic and OCLinEcore will be so similar that it would be good to try to make them identical from a user's perspective and perhaps share any relevant customisations/quick fixes/validations/code templates.


      Ed Willink
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