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Re: [emft-dev] Galileo status

Hi nick,

I think I've already spammed everyone on these bugs' cc and watch list :p.


Nick Boldt a écrit :
Speaking of hell...

You may find it hella easier to set up a Google Spreadsheet listing TODOs (bugs) down the left column and EMFT components across the top.

Then share the spreadsheet w/ the component leads, let them fill in the blanks, and Ed can link that spreadsheet from within the oh-so-much-too-much-process bugs so everyone knows they're complete as he closes them out.

Otherwise you'll have to update all dozen+ bugs each, and generate a crapload of email spam too.



Eike Stepper wrote:
Somebody also refered to these bugs as the "list from hell" :P



Laurent Goubet schrieb:
Hi Ed,

The reason of this mail wasn't to whine about such or such people not
taking responsibility as I myself didn't take a look at these bugs :).
I merely wanted to ensure that we indeed needed to comment the bugs,
and I'll get to it now that you confirmed it.

Here we go for the chain-commenting of bugs :p.


Laurent Goubet

Ed Merks a écrit :

Unfortunately I've let quite a few of my responsibilities slip in the
last while.  These bugs really need comments from all the EMFT
components that are on the train and I'm simply not in the mood to be
herding cats so folks need to take responsibility for commenting
about their status on these bugs.  That's Compare, Ecore Tools, and
Mint...  Once all three have commented on any specific bug I can
resolve it...

Thanks for asking about it!


Laurent Goubet wrote:
Hi folks,

As I was clearing our bugs for EMFT Compare I realized our status
for the galileo train hasn't been updated since the M4 artifacts : . All these bugs
have been raised against EMFT / releng instead of "once per
component" has seen on M2T for example. How are we supposed to deal
with them? I had started commenting on some of these bugs for
Compare so that Ed (I think he's the one in charge of closing
these?) would know that component was green, but I wonder whether
this is what's expected of us.

Any insight on the status of these bugs? Compare surely isn't the
only EMFT component that wants to be part of the train?

Laurent Goubet
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