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Re: [emft-dev] Galileo status

Somebody also refered to these bugs as the "list from hell" :P



Laurent Goubet schrieb:
> Hi Ed,
> The reason of this mail wasn't to whine about such or such people not
> taking responsibility as I myself didn't take a look at these bugs :).
> I merely wanted to ensure that we indeed needed to comment the bugs,
> and I'll get to it now that you confirmed it.
> Here we go for the chain-commenting of bugs :p.
> Thanks,
> Laurent Goubet
> Obeo
> Ed Merks a écrit :
>> Laurent,
>> Unfortunately I've let quite a few of my responsibilities slip in the
>> last while.  These bugs really need comments from all the EMFT
>> components that are on the train and I'm simply not in the mood to be
>> herding cats so folks need to take responsibility for commenting
>> about their status on these bugs.  That's Compare, Ecore Tools, and
>> Mint...  Once all three have commented on any specific bug I can
>> resolve it...
>> Thanks for asking about it!
>> Regards,
>> Ed
>> Laurent Goubet wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> As I was clearing our bugs for EMFT Compare I realized our status
>>> for the galileo train hasn't been updated since the M4 artifacts :
>>> . All these bugs
>>> have been raised against EMFT / releng instead of "once per
>>> component" has seen on M2T for example. How are we supposed to deal
>>> with them? I had started commenting on some of these bugs for
>>> Compare so that Ed (I think he's the one in charge of closing
>>> these?) would know that component was green, but I wonder whether
>>> this is what's expected of us.
>>> Any insight on the status of these bugs? Compare surely isn't the
>>> only EMFT component that wants to be part of the train?
>>> Laurent Goubet
>>> Obeo
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