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Re: [emf-dev] [EMF-Compare] questions about EMF-Compare and Papyrus diagrams

Hi Mikael, 
	Thank you for your answer. I posted the bug 353320 for the Diff Message for the UML links.
Best Regards,
Vincent Lorenzo

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Hi Vincent,

My answers below.

LORENZO Vincent wrote:
> Hello,
>     I’m testing your new version of EMF Compare and I have some 
> questions and problems.
>                 -  I downloaded EMF-Compare here
> (

First, this git fork is for development only before submitting a patch to the Eclipse bugzilla. I would like to make sure that you know it may be broken anytime.

and the plugins *.epatch.dsl.*
> don’t compile (Unresolved XText dependency). Where can I get the XText 
> plugins (org.eclipse.xtext.ui.core and org.eclipse.xtext.ui.common) ?
> The Xtext CVS is now empty and I did found them on the XText Git.

AFAIK, epatch.dsl has been developped on Xtext 1.0, maybe you are trying to compile it against the new 2.0 code base and there are incompatibilities? I will let people more aware of Xtext than me give you pointers to resources you need.

>                 - How can I compare 2 Papyrus diagams files 
> (*.notation) ? Its work only if I change there extensions into .ecorediag.

The branch you are using does not provide any support for papyrus diagrams files. It's just for GMF notation models comparison and is currently hard linked to .ecorediag files for testing purposes. Remember that nothing in there should be considered as "submission ready". But if you already see some major pitfall that would avoid using our approach with Papyrus, we would be glad you tell us.

> -  What are you plans about the diff messages for UML links? For 
> example, when an UML Association is retargeted : the current message 
> deals with about the property type which has changed : that’s true, 
> but I think it will be clearer with a such message : « The 
> source/target of the Association has changed ».

This part is already on the Eclipse/Modeling/EMFComapre Git repository.
Currently, we don't plan anything about the messages of UML links. Our target was: one action in the UI = one diff out of the UML comparison engine. Feel free to open a bug about this point if you need this evolution.

>                 - Have you planned to use the EMF Commands to do the 
> merge actions, in order to provide Undo/Redo actions ?

Using commands, or providing the clients of our API with a way to do so, is something we are currently investigating, but isn't planned for release yet.

Best regards,
Mikael Barbero

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