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Re: [emf-dev] [EMF-Compare] questions about EMF-Compare and Papyrus diagrams

On Jul 25, 2011, at 6:57 AM, Mikaël Barbero wrote:

The branch you are using does not provide any support for papyrus
diagrams files. It's just for GMF notation models comparison and is
currently hard linked to .ecorediag files for testing purposes. Remember
that nothing in there should be considered as "submission ready". But if
you already see some major pitfall that would avoid using our approach
with Papyrus, we would be glad you tell us.

FWIW, the Mylyn EMF compare bridge is dong something very similar -- and I've learned a lot from looking at the EMF compare effort! -- and because we need Papyrus support I made a version of our tool that with very little adjustment works with Papyrus as well. Right now, I'm creating an extension point for our work that should generalize to many different GMF or even GEF diagram based approaches. So I wouldn't guess there would be any issues with Papyrus. (The one difference we needed to support was simply that UML2 doesn't have the same root classes for their meta-constructs, e.g. "Classifier" not "EClassifier" but we just abstracted that out.)



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