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[emf-dev] [EMF-Compare] questions about EMF-Compare and Papyrus diagrams


    I’m testing your new version of EMF Compare and I have some questions and problems.


                -  I downloaded EMF-Compare here ( and the plugins *.epatch.dsl.* don’t compile (Unresolved XText dependency). Where can I get the XText plugins (org.eclipse.xtext.ui.core and org.eclipse.xtext.ui.common) ? The Xtext CVS is now empty and I did found them on the XText Git.


                - How can I compare 2 Papyrus diagams files (*.notation) ? Its work only if I change there extensions into .ecorediag.


-  What are you plans about the diff messages for UML links? For example, when an UML Association is retargeted : the current message deals with about the property type which has changed : that’s true, but I think it will be clearer with a such message : « The source/target of the Association has changed ».


                - Have you planned to use the EMF Commands to do the merge actions, in order to provide Undo/Redo actions ?


Best Regards,


Vincent Lorenzo



91191 Gif/Yvette CEDEX


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