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[emf-dev] Unable to install emf.common feature


I have Eclipse Helios Classic. This does not come with EMF. Now I want
to install EMF Common and ecore ONLY I don't want the SDK's. I only
want the following two features (and the plugins) in my Eclipse.

org.eclipse.emf.common 2.6.0
org.eclipse.emf.ecore 2.6.0

How can I do this?

The project page seems not to be updated (No reference to Helios and EMF 2.6):

The update site does not help he. From the Helios Update Site I get
the following when searching for "emf". What should one choose?

  EclipseRT Target Platform Components	
    EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK	2.6.0.v20100614-1136
    EMF RAP Target Components	2.6.0.v20100614-1136
    EMF Compare SDK	1.1.0.v201006150400
    EMF Model Query Examples	1.4.0.v20100428-2315-677-AkF78Y8FEY7MOGC
    EMF Model Query SDK	1.4.0.v20100428-2315-67J-95GFz01DOIuNNRTWK_NPj507
    EMF Model Transaction
Examples	1.4.0.v20100428-2315-4798Z8yGC5NtLEQSKMPa6GDM7
    EMF Model Transaction SDK	1.4.0.v20100428-2315-777N-9AZP-D1aQtjUklrYl0eU20D
    EMF Teneo EclipseLink SDK	1.1.0.v201006151458
    EMF Teneo Hibernate SDK	1.1.2.v201006151458
    EMF Validation Framework Examples	1.4.0.v20100428-2315-67G-BgJ9CR9JJc8RUOP
    EMF Validation Framework
SDK	1.4.0.v20100428-2315-67J-96SGR35WNqZRZfmQnghI6uFA
  Web, XML, and Java EE Development	
    Eclipse Web Developer Tools	3.2.0.v201005241510-7O7CFb3EMf84nP-FHuc10NTz--M3


MSc Gabriel Petrovay
Mobile: +41(0)787978034

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