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Re: [emf-dev] Reproducing the build

Seems like there are a TON of tags in EMF files. For example, if I take a look at


I see a tag matching the timestamp of the EMF 2.6.0 R201006141136 build:


Is that the timestamp, tag, and file version you're looking for in the CVS ,v files?

If so, the mapping is VERY straightforward:

R201006141136 :: build_201006141136


On 07/19/2010 09:24 AM, Andrew Overholt wrote:
Hi Kenn,

* Kenn Hussey<kenn.hussey@xxxxxxxxx>  [2010-07-19 09:05]:
The new EMF build does in fact still use CVS tags; the CVS tag for a
build corresponds to the build identifier that's inserted in the
about.mappings files of the branding plug-ins (and visible from the
About dialog)...

Do you mean


?  In there I see "20100617-1415" but looking through
cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.emf I don't see which component is tagged
with that string.

What I want is to be able to check out the source code that was used to
build EMF 2.6.0 (R201006141136).  For 2.5.0, the attached text file is
everything that was in directory.txt.

Thanks for the help,

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