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[embed-cdt-dev] 2020-12 release schedule


I'm mostly ready with the new 6.0.0, I even created the release record in the database:


I just finished to update the templates, with the most effort put into the STM templates, which now include the latest STM software packages; they use the BSD 3 license, thus solving the concerns raised by the legal team related to the old STM license.

The actual license text is

  * <h2><center>&copy; Copyright (c) 2016 STMicroelectronics.
  * All rights reserved.</center></h2>
  * This software component is licensed by ST under BSD 3-Clause license,
  * the "License"; You may not use this file except in compliance with the
  * License. You may obtain a copy of the License at:

It is used by all files added, for example:


The only remaining things to be done is to split the plug-ins into core/ui/branding. 

Alexander started the work for the RISC-V plug-in, and, if I manage to understand the rules, I hope we can do it (occasionally with 'a little help from my friends', as suggested by John Lennon).

If I understand it right, the date when the updates must be submitted to SimRel and EPP is 24 Nov, which is 9 days from now.

Normally we should be ready by next week, but in case things get complicated, would it be possible to submit the existing version, without the split, to M3, so we can get a change to people to test the new release, and the final version to RC1, which I understood must be done by 1 Dec?

There is also the issue with the review, which Wayne mentioned it can be expedited, to finally get rid of the 'Incubation' tag.

Actually there is not much to review, except some small compatibility fixes there is no new content, and the BSD license for the template code should be more than ok, so the whole procedure shouldn't be an issue.

Any thoughts?


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