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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] 2020-12 release schedule

TL;DR The release should be pushed back to line up with SimRel 2020-12 release date on Dec 16, with review to conclude on Dec 2. The hard deadline for code contribution is Dec 9, but milestones can and should be contributed earlier.

On Sat, 14 Nov 2020 at 19:13, Liviu Ionescu <ilg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm mostly ready with the new 6.0.0, I even created the release record in the database:

Well done. I also see you have started to create the review ( - Have you sent an email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx to make it public yet? To drop the incubation we need to add (in can be done in parallel) a graduation review, see:

I don't know how to automate this graduation review (i.e. where is the magic link, or is it something that EMO does)?

I think the 4 days until the review is likely to cause problems - normally you need a week of public review - see more about this at the end of the email.

There are a number of other things that still need to be done for the release review:

- send an email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx to make it public (already done perhaps?)
- send email to iot PMC for their approval
- submit IP log for review - I see that there are 6 CQs that still need resolving. What I believe Wayne meant is that by having the CQs tied to a release their review priority is increased to make sure release is on time.



I just finished to update the templates, with the most effort put into the STM templates, which now include the latest STM software packages; they use the BSD 3 license, thus solving the concerns raised by the legal team related to the old STM license.
 -- snip --

Have new CQs been filed for this new (updated) third party content? The current CQ ( is from March.

The only remaining things to be done is to split the plug-ins into core/ui/branding.

Alexander started the work for the RISC-V plug-in, and, if I manage to understand the rules, I hope we can do it (occasionally with 'a little help from my friends', as suggested by John Lennon).

If I understand it right, the date when the updates must be submitted to SimRel and EPP is 24 Nov, which is 9 days from now.

The rule is no major API changes after M3 (IIRC) which would be 24 Nov (actually 25 Nov for the +3 day). However an exception can be made with a short email to cross-project-issues-dev. The purpose of the no API change is so that API consumers have time to adapt. Of course as of now there are no API consumers in simrel for iot.embed-cdt. This means that the hard deadline is RC2+3 date, or Dec 9.

Normally we should be ready by next week, but in case things get complicated, would it be possible to submit the existing version, without the split, to M3, so we can get a change to people to test the new release, and the final version to RC1, which I understood must be done by 1 Dec?

Yes - but see below too. (Again here 1 Dec is the +2 date, embed-cdt only needs to be in by +3 date - see the announcement email - somewhere there used to be a webpage that stored this offset info, but I don't know where that is anymore)

There is also the issue with the review, which Wayne mentioned it can be expedited, to finally get rid of the 'Incubation' tag.

Two different reviews - I think release review is what Wayne was speaking about. Getting rid of the incubation tag is different and needs a graduation review as mentioned above.

Don't be too afraid of the incubation tag for now - we should be aiming to get rid of it, but it does not need to happen yet. And while dropping the incubation for embed-cdt would be nice, the EPP Embed C/C++ package will still have incubating components for 2020-12 release as the swtchart project does not have plans to graduate and the swtchart is used for graphing in gcov, gprof, systemtap, valgrind and tracecompass features that are part of Embed C/C++ package. Similar store for the TM4E project, but that is only used by Meson feature.

Actually there is not much to review, except some small compatibility fixes there is no new content, and the BSD license for the template code should be more than ok, so the whole procedure shouldn't be an issue.

This is our first reviewed release for embed-cdt, there is actually quite a lot to review - see the checklist on 

Only one release review per year is required. However all CQs need to be approved before release.

Any thoughts?


I think you should schedule the release for the 2020-12 SimRel release date, which is Dec 16. The review can be scheduled (IIRC) to conclude on Dec 2nd, giving us 18 days to finish everything, and enough time to remedy anything before the final contribution date.

Any questions?



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