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[embed-cdt-dev] Embedded CDT v6.0.0 preview

The new v6.0.0 major release is now almost ready. 

Development was moved from the develop-v6 branch to develop, and a preview build is available from:


Most internal IDs were migrated to the org.eclipse.embedcdt namespace.

The only notable exception is the content of the .cproject files, which, for compatibility reasons, continues to use the original IDs.

I noticed that several methods in the CDT sources mentioning some migrating capabilities, but the time is very short now, and I don't want to mess anything for this first SimRel release, so, for the moment we'll keep the old IDs.

The debug launchers available in user projects can be automatically imported and IDs updated. The process is a bit weird, it requires a click on the debug launcher in the Debug Configurations window, and the launcher with the old ID is converted in the background and, when saved, the new IDs are used.

Due to the mechanism used for caching some internal IDs (views, perspectives, etc), when opening a workspace created with pre v6 plug-ins, the views do not show, and a perspective reset is necessary.

To simplify things, the documentation will recommend to create a new workspace and import the projects; I think this is a lesser annoyance, that we can live with.

One only thing that I could not do (yet?) was to split the .core & .ui classes, a feature suggested by Alexander.

The problem is that the line between them is hard to draw, it is not only that some classes do not depend on certain system classes, but also functionally apparently non-UI classes are used in the UI classes (for example for configuration).

If Alexander or someone else can suggest how to do this split, I'm ready to consider it, but the contribution has to come shortly, since we don't have much time before 2020-12 contributions are frozen.

Please help me to test this new major release, aiming to identify possible incompatibilities caused by the changed IDs, preferably before the 2020-12 release.

Thank you,


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