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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Prepare for first incubation release

> On 7 Apr 2020, at 23:32, Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In Jenkins you create a job to do the copying. It can be a freestyle job that does the copy from somewhere.
> At some point the project needs a jenkins instance so that artifacts can be signed too. 
> I am very happy to take on the Jenkins setup work so that signed builds are published nightly and using what I have applied to other projects to this project for handling the releng. Just let me know.

Great, thank you.

The initial idea to keep the archive of zips on GitHub and the p2 site(s) at Eclipse is not cast in stone. The reasons I prefer GitHub is that I'm familiar with it and so far it proved quite reliable, but if you can help me with Jenkins and we can automate everything (build & publish), we can start with this, and decide later if it is necessary to keep a backup of the zips as GitHub releases.

According to, apparently the first step is to create a bugzilla ticket and ask for an account there, right? (the documentation, as in many other cases, is rich in details but is very confusing for first time readers).

Then, in the initial step, I suggest we consider only the jobs to build and publish the p2 repo and the zips.

So, at first sight, we need three jobs:

- one to build the develop branch and publish at (to be used during development)
- a second one to build the develop branch and publish at (to be used as pre-releases)
- a third one for the final release, with a build of the master branch and two publishes, at and

For Travis, in addition to the common jobs triggered by commits, I found very convenient to trigger the jobs manually, by posting a JSON with curl, and in that JSON it is possible to fully define the job.

I don't know how Jenkins works, but if something similar is available, we can add some simple scripts to the project and invoke them as needed.

In a second step, when hopefully I'll have more experience with Jenkins, we'll consider how to build the EPP packages, and what are the requirements to later align with the simrel rules.

What do you think?


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