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[embed-cdt-dev] Prepare for first incubation release

I managed to update the eclipse-plugin.git repo to include both the changes that were performed on the embed-cdt branch (mainly license updates) and the few bugs that were fixed in the latest release.

Unfortunately, since the changes in embed-cdt included a major folder rename, and in these folders there were some submodules, that was probably a a bit too much for git, so that regular merges, and even cherry picking, failed with weird errors, so I had to manually re-do the bug fix commits.

Anyway, now the develop branch is again up to date, and I was able to run a successful maven build.

The result, after installing on a fresh 2020-03 Eclipse CDT, looks like this:

I already added the '(incubation)' notice; I hope that it is ok.

Next I'll try to update the few JARs that need to match the versions available in Orbis.


Then we need to decide on the location where to publish the plug-ins.

The current URLs for the p2 sites are:

The archives with all previous releases are available from:

And the EPP packages are available from:

I would continue to publish the individual archives in the same eclipse-embed-cdt/eclipse-plugins/releases/ location, since I never had issues with it.

For the EPP releases, since I have no idea yet how much effort would be to join the simrel program, I would transfer the existing org.eclipse.epp.packages to eclipse-embed-cdt and continue to publish the releases there, at least for a while.

The only obvious change is the url of the p2 site, which I'd like to move somewhere to

Since the structure with 3 separate folders (main + test + experimental) proved useful, I'd like to preserve it.

The 'v4-neon' prefix was added when v4 was released, to make explicit that the plug-ins run only on neon and up.

Now the version was bumped to v5.x, and the plug-ins still run on neon and up. Since I understood that Eclipse will move to Java 11, and there will probably be several more updates, possible incompatible, perhaps we should prepare for multiple download urls.


Jonah, since you have a thorough knowledge how these things work within Eclipse, could you suggest how to proceed?



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