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Re: [el-dev] Mark: Thanks for acknowledging the impending release review, but wait, there's more

On 21/02/2024 14:02, Scott Marlow wrote:
On Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 4:06 AM Mark Thomas via el-dev


    My biggest concern right now is that the signature tests aren't
    I think something is going wrong with the jimage extraction. It may
    be a
    configuration issue. I'll be working on this later today.

You might try the new sigtest fork that we moved into <> and just released an update

Thanks. All is good. The jimage log messages were a red herring. I just needed to add some configuration to set the class path for the signature test.

Now I need to fix the test I broke with the proposed OptionalELResolver changes and add a test or two for the new method invocation support added to OptionalELResolver.


Regarding EL TCK <> was merged and could easily move into the EL Spec repo.

While I agree that is the right long term place for it, I don't have the cycles to get that done and handle the 6.0.0 TCK release once it is done. If someone else wants to take that on then I'd have no objections.


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