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Re: [el-dev] Mark: Thanks for acknowledging the impending release review, but wait, there's more

On 21/02/2024 01:00, Ed Burns via el-dev wrote:
Arjan Tijms wrote:

We do have to remember that we have really little time remaining to resolve this. Expression Language is up for review at the end of this month:

See <> < <>>

Mark Thomas wrote:

Yep. I'm aware of that. I should have a PR for this later today.

While I am relieved that Mark is aware of the release plan, I want to make sure Mark is also aware of new content in the Jakarta EE TCK Process <>. Specifically, the section “TCK types and requirements” and the text:

The individual specification TCK must provide a mechanism for running the required TCK tests (types 1 and 3) outside the context of a platform or profile. Type 2 tests must be excluded and not run.

Mark, does this requirement come as a surprise to you? How difficult would it be to comply with this requirement for EL for the release review at the end of the month?

While that is a surprise to me it isn't an issue for EL since the entire test suite is type 3 since EL doesn't care whether it is running in a Jakarta EE platform or directly on Java SE.

I'm currently looking at the EL TCK as it will probably need some tweaks in light of the consistency changes in progress for the OptionalELResolver.

My biggest concern right now is that the signature tests aren't passing. I think something is going wrong with the jimage extraction. It may be a configuration issue. I'll be working on this later today.

My aim is to get the EL TCK passing with Tomcat on both Java 17 and Java 21.


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