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Re: [egit-dev] Webmaster wants to get rid of Gerrit

On 13.11.21 21:04 , Matthias Sohn wrote:
On Sat, Nov 13, 2021 at 12:49 PM Thomas Wolf <thomas.wolf@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:thomas.wolf@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
    If they do any of these, it'll cause a huge amount of work for us.

I don't have any extra time I could spend on such topics

Neither do I. I already told them once before that I had none of my
volunteer time left for this. I already spent enough time on getting the
EGit builds right for their Jenkins setup.

But if we move and a move would require new CI builds, we will have to
invest time for that again. If they shut down MediaWiki, we _will_ have
to figure out something for the docs and the N&N.

    But the larger issue is that moving elsewhere probably also means moving
the CI build infrastructure elsewhere.

I wouldn't expect that. Can't Eclipse projects hosted on <> also
use the Eclipse CI infrastructure ?

Granted; I think they can. For as long as EF is happy to provide these
services. Don't know how it would work technically, i.e., how builds on
the EF JIRO Jenkins instances would get triggered from, say, a
GerritForge Gerrit/Github mirror.



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