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[egit-dev] Gerrit review system


I am looking forward to build a inhouse review system with Git commits. Researching so far I have found the following 2 approaches :-
  1. Rest API's or GraphQL API'sf github
  2. 3rd party libraries /SDK like eGit, jGit
Not sure if there's any 3rd option as well?
I am looking for suggestions which one to use ? which one is better than the other.
I pre-requisites I see is the libraries /SDK required the git repos to be clone on local system and provides me no way to query the remote Git repo.  I am not looking to clone all Git repo which I wanna use. Does that mean that only option 2 is available for me ?

I looked at Gerrit and since its based on jGit only it required local clone of Git repo. Since Gerrit is widely used as review tool I am thinking wether I am pursuing in right direction or should I also start cloning of Git repo like Gerrit does.

Wondering why Gerrit not used the Rest API / GraphQL for its implementation?

Any pointers will be helpful


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