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[egit-dev] Integration with Git

I am looking forward to integrate Git with my tool. Following are the operations I am looking forward.
  • We will be using Commit ID to fetch the commit details .

  • Once we get the list of files from previous point we want to fetch the latest file content (n version) as well as (n-1 version). 

  • Can we use Git SDK to programmatically access n and n-1 file contents in a commit ?

  • What are the max size lengths for GIT repo URL, COMMIT ID and COMMIT MESSAGE ?

  • Also we wanted to know if we could enable reviewing of GIT changes before they are committed by picking them from the local author workspace. In RTC this was possible as the users outgoing changesets could be read from the users repository workspace on the server even if it was not delivered. We do not find a way to achieve this in GIT. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Will I be able to achieve all the desired Git functionalities from
Looking forward for the support.

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