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Re: [egit-dev] Opinion on 'Paste Repository Path' in EGit

Thanks for the reply Wayne, but to the best of my understanding, there is no fixed (or even range-bound variable) format for remote git repos. Hence short of actually parsing the url and seeing what it returns, which is probably a bad idea, there is no other way of pre-testing the url for remote or local. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

If this is indeed the case, I would go back and suggest that we have two menu entries like in the patch I submitted. In the patch, the first entry - "Paste Local Repository Path" works whether or not the user adds on the '.git' reference to the end of their path.

On 08/23/2011 01:15 PM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
From my own experience, attempting to paste a remote repository seems like a normal enough thing to want to do.

IMHO making the paste smart enough to recognise if the pasted URL is local or remote and then open the appropriate wizard seems like the right thing to do.


On 08/23/2011 11:05 AM, Abhishek Bhatnagar wrote:
In the 'Git Repositories' View, when one right-clicks and goes 'Paste Repository Path', EGit expects a path to a local repository; example, something with the format: /home/user/workspace/project/.git

I've encountered at least 5 people who have had trouble with that because they understood 'Paste Repository Path' to say either or both of the following things:
1. paste local repository, but of the format: /home/user/workspace/project
[the change here being that the .git folder should be implied]
2. paste remote repository

I propose that we change the terminology and an additional button to this menu.
1. We change 'Paste Repository Path' to say 'Paste Local Repository Path', and also auto-imply the existence of a .git folder.
2. We add a second menu option saying 'Clone Remote Repository' which invokes the clone repository dialog.

These changes are submitted in a patch located here:,3760

Let me know what your opinions are
Abhishek Bhatnagar
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Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
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