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[egit-dev] Opinion on 'Paste Repository Path' in EGit

In the 'Git Repositories' View, when one right-clicks and goes 'Paste Repository Path', EGit expects a path to a local repository; example, something with the format: /home/user/workspace/project/.git

I've encountered at least 5 people who have had trouble with that because they understood 'Paste Repository Path' to say either or both of the following things:
1. paste local repository, but of the format: /home/user/workspace/project
[the change here being that the .git folder should be implied]
2. paste remote repository

I propose that we change the terminology and an additional button to this menu.
1. We change 'Paste Repository Path' to say 'Paste Local Repository Path', and also auto-imply the existence of a .git folder.
2. We add a second menu option saying 'Clone Remote Repository' which invokes the clone repository dialog.

These changes are submitted in a patch located here:,3760

Let me know what your opinions are
Abhishek Bhatnagar

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