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Re: [egit-dev] Nightly build update-site failing sometimes

Hi Matthias,

Am 10.08.2011 17:43, schrieb Matthias Sohn:
> 2011/8/10 Sascha Vogt <FunkyFish@xxxxxxx <mailto:FunkyFish@xxxxxxx>>
>     What we did to resolve the issue was to split the update-site
>     generatation and the build of the plugin in two maven projects and that
>     resolved the error for us.
> EGit plugins and p2 repo are already built in 2 different maven projects
> but these run in the same Maven reactor build. Did you mean we should simply
> run p2 repo in a different reactor build ? We can try this.

Yes, after I clicked sent, it came to my mind, that I could have a look
into the Hudson config myself ;)
Nevertheless, maybe reactor is running some childs in parallel?

> But overall this sounds like a workaround for a bug in maven or tycho. 
> Would be nice if the workaround helps but it would be even better to 
> fix the underlying problem. I'll ask our Maven experts if your hint rings
> some bells for them.
I totally aggree and I'm no Maven expert at all (we're just moving to
Maven, so I have not much experience with it up to now). Just thought I
share the above information, so maybe (as you already pointed out) it
rings a bell for some of the Maven gurus.


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