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Re: [egit-dev] Fwd: Should I be able to Merge content when Synchronizing?

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>Subject: Re: [egit-dev] Fwd: Should I be able to Merge content when Synchronizing?
>be careful that you don't have overlooked one case here: the native
>git mergetool will only run on conflicting files. What is with files
>which standard git merge has merged successfully without reporting a
>conflict? Do you want to trust the results of a succesful text merge?
>Or do you always want to run your tool to produce the merge results?
>In the latter case you need a different merge-driver and not a
>different merge-tool (not supported yet by JGit). There are merge
>strategies in JGit which will never try to create new content by
>textual-merge algorithms. But the problem could be that only for
>certain content types (your xml files) you want this merge algorithm.
>For other content (like c/java source code) you may still want good
>textual merge algorithms. Right?

This is _exactly_ my problem.  

If there are only differences in the incoming version then there is 
effectively no merge required so a replacement of the current with 
the incoming is appropriate.  

If there is any sort of difference between the current and incoming 
then there may be no textual conflict, but there is a 'model' conflict
that I want to resolve through my comparator.


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