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Re: [egit-dev] Fwd: Should I be able to Merge content when Synchronizing?


be careful that you don't have overlooked one case here: the native
git mergetool will only run on conflicting files. What is with files
which standard git merge has merged successfully without reporting a
conflict? Do you want to trust the results of a succesful text merge?
Or do you always want to run your tool to produce the merge results?
In the latter case you need a different merge-driver and not a
different merge-tool (not supported yet by JGit). There are merge
strategies in JGit which will never try to create new content by
textual-merge algorithms. But the problem could be that only for
certain content types (your xml files) you want this merge algorithm.
For other content (like c/java source code) you may still want good
textual merge algorithms. Right?


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