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Re: [egit-dev] Should I be able to Merge content when Synchronizing?

On 04/05/11 16:58, Thomas Fletcher wrote:
> Unfortunately, it seems that the input elements (FileRevisionTypeElement) don't
> expose the local resource path so that I can actually perform a merge using my compare
> editor and save the resulting changes, mark the change set as merged and move on.

Currently we don't allow to merge changes in synchronize view, because in Git this is
much more complicated then in CVS/SVN. In Git we store changes on repository level not
on file level like CVS/SVN, additionally you can't modify files between two commits;
you can only merge all incoming changes or rebase yours on top of them. The next issue
in Git is that after merge you need to add a merge-commit ... this is a common workflow
that is forced by native git.

> I have noticed that the same problem exists with plain text comparisons done in
> this manner, so I get the feeling that I'm missing the boat on the workflow.  I looked
> at this reference:
> but I don't want to automatically merge content because doing so renders the
> context completely invalid (it is XML from serialized Java objects).

The Synchronize-view-merge/rebase-workflow is someting that need to be defined. Currently
I don't have any idea how it can be done reasonably especially for new and old users. I
only know that I don't want to limit anybody therefore I would rather propose something
more git-like (not cvs/svn-like) workflow with (I hope) small amount of required knowledge
to enter it.

Best regards

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