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Re: [egit-dev] No visual feedback on chosen tag

2011/2/16 Lay, Stefan <stefan.lay@xxxxxxx>

> On 15 February 2011 16:49, Lay, Stefan <stefan.lay@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Actually it is already possible in EGit to checkout an arbitrary
> commit for the whole repository. You can do that from the History View
> on any commit from the context menu, using the "Commit" action. The
> result is that you get a so-called detached head: You have the content
> of the files from the selected commit in your workspace, but you have
> not changed your branch (as it is the case if you do a "Reset"). You
> are not on a branch anymore, however, you can create a new one to start
> developing from there.
> I presume you mean 'checkout'?

Oh yes, of course!

> What you've described is checkout <branch>.  The action that's missing
> is the one described: I want the working tree to reflect the contents
> of a commit AND have the HEAD unchanged.  AFAICS there's no equivalent
> to git checkout -- <paths>. (Though a checkout followed by a reset
> would work).
> It should be easy to revert contents of a file or the tree to a
> specific commit without creating a detached head.  Perhaps it's just
> an artifact of what users from other VCSs expect, but being able to
> put the repo. into a state where HEAD isn't pointing to the tip of a
> branch is likely an advanced feature and will stump new users.

Yes, we should definitely add that feature.

please file an enhancement bug to track that 


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