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Re: [egit-dev] Performance of Synchronize - unusable for CDT

On 01/16/2011 01:11 PM, James Blackburn wrote:
> 2) Comparing two heads. I want to see what the overall change of
> pulling from another branch will be before doing so.  Also useful for
> comparing the heads before generating a patch.
> I believe a straightforward structured compare would be very useful --
> I've filed a few bugs on lack of folder / project level compare.
> However it doesn't seem satisfy the first case?  Staging changes in a
> way which allows you to keep editing until the dev is happy with the
> patch.
> I've not yet found the commit list in the synchronize view useful. All
> I'm after is a visual diff between the two heads, that can be
> generated quickly, and stays in sync with the ws if the ws is one of
> the heads.

From my point of view the commit list is useful in second use case that
you mentioned above. A specially when compared branches were based on
different commits, in this case you can easily see what changes were made
in both branches and changes introduced by given commit are easily
accessible. If you would like to see what were changed overall, the only
thing you need to do is to switch display mode from "Git Change Set" into

The only thing that we don't have implemented in current sync view is
support for context menu operations like stage, commit, rebase and so on.

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