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Re: [egit-dev] Performance of Synchronize - unusable for CDT

James Blackburn skrev 2011-01-15 18:27:
> Hi egitters!
> The CDT community is very diverse and many of us are keen to switch to
> git as the distributed model will really help those who build products
> outside of
> Unfortunately we're struggling with synchronize to compare changes
> between branches within the IDE.  This is a key part of the workflow
> when preparing patches for bugzilla, reviewing and integrating
> changes.
> On my machine time to synchronize two branches is 33 mins.  Time to
> perform the diff in cgit is 2s:
> Can anyone provide any detail on what the cause of the slowness might
> be, and how hard it would be to fix?  This might spur someone on to
> dig into the code while waiting for the synchronize to happen :)

I frankly don't understand the Synchronize view in a Git context since
it doesn't deal with commit (change sets). To me "synchronize" in Git
would be something like an interactive rebase/cherry-pick in a pretty
GUI:y dress.

We once (version 0.3.1) had a structured compare in the history view
that we should resurrect, or rather re-implement. It was very fast,
typically much less than one second to compare two revisions and a new
implementation should be faster.

-- robin

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