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Re: [egit-dev] All text files modified?

Title: AW: [egit-dev] All text files modified?

Hi, Robin,

first of all, thanks for your reply:

> >
> > I am running Eclipse 3.6.1 (M20100909-0800) with eGit 0.10.1 and have a Git repository,
> > that I am usually controlling through CygWin's git. From the command line, my repository is clean:
> >
> >     bash-3.2$ git status cs-utils-core
> >     # On branch master
> >     nothing to commit (working directory clean)
> >
> > Within Eclipse, though, I see all text files marked as modified, which means that eGit
> > is basically pointless for me. I tried to set core.eol to various values, nothing changed. Any
> > ideas?
> Do you have core.autocrlf set to true? That might explain. Although there is some support
> for end-of-line conversion, there are a couple of bugs that prevents it from working. See
> and related bugs.

Did the following:

    bash-3.2$ git config auto.crlf
    bash-3.2$ git config auto.crlf false
    bash-3.2$ git config auto.crlf

In other words, it is now explicitly set to false. Afterwards, I restarted Eclipse and did a "refresh" on the workspace. Same result. :-(



-- robin

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