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[egit-dev] All text files modified?

Title: All text files modified?


sorry, if you feel rightly that this is an issue that belongs to the users mailing list (aka forum), rather than the developers mailing list. However, as you can see on

I did my best to push this question forward there, before giving up.

I am running Eclipse 3.6.1 (M20100909-0800) with eGit 0.10.1 and have a Git repository, that I am usually controlling through CygWin's git. From the command line, my repository is clean:

    bash-3.2$ git status cs-utils-core
    # On branch master
    nothing to commit (working directory clean)

Within Eclipse, though, I see all text files marked as modified, which means that eGit is basically pointless for me. I tried to set core.eol to various values, nothing changed. Any ideas?



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