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[egit-dev] Egit commit changes dialog shows linked resources with "Unknow" status even if already commited

Hey guys,

I'm struggling with this issue and wondered if anyone had an idea on how to fix this. 

I have a git repository "myrepo" with two folders in it "myproject" and "lib". 
myproject contains an eclipse project which has an external source path pointing to lib. I.e. myrepo/.project has this in it:

<name>[source path] lib</name>

Now, every time I commit something, every file in lib shows up in the list of files to be commited with a status of "Unknown". 
If the file is called lib/mylibrary, the file path shows up as myproject: [source path] lib/mylibrary

When committing, no change actually gets committed for those entries but the problem is that with large libraries, this leads to a lot of clutter and noise making it hard to see what actually changed, and what's going into this commit. 

I tried all variations in .gitignore to no avail. 

Does anybody know how to hide / remove those entries of linkedResources in the commit changes?

Or can anyone point me in the right part of the code I should be looking at in order to try and fix this ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a bunch


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