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Re: [egit-dev] task-focused working with eclipse, git and mylyn

2010/12/21 Thorsten Kamann <thorsten.kamann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello Matthias,

thanks for the links. Do you think it were useful to create a new proposal and links the existing ones to the new proposal? So we can start a fresh discussion about the mylyn integration.

Another point: Do you think you add my changes to the codebase if I fix the missing things you commented? This were the first step for a mylyn integration. The next part I would providing is the org.eclipse.git.mylyn plugin with the implementation of the ICommitMessageProvider.

If it's about the extension point for commit message injection I would say team up with Markus and Manuel who
proposed similar patches [1], [2] and track the discussion on the existing bug  329515

As Robin already commented on [2] we need an extensive example how this is intended to be used to come to
a good extension point which lasts for a while. So probably it's a good idea to develop both the extension point
and the example usage in parallel. The comments given on [2] should be taken into consideration.

If you have other new topics feel free to open new bugs. And yes, linking related bugs may make sense.



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