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[egit-dev] How to clone an empty remote repo or push without cloning before?

Dear all,
I have problems pushing a new eclipse project into a remote repository:

1) I have created a local git repository as described in the Egit getting 
started docs.
On the remote git server I have created a repository containing only an empty 
file "README".
If I choose "Team->Push to" on the local repository and select the remote git 
server as target, the final "Push Confirmation" dialog shows:
  Status: Repo #1 [rejected]
What is wrong with this procedure?

2) Another problem is that I cannot clone a new eclipse project from a remote 
empty git repository. I think the reason is that the remote repository must 
include a proper .project file. So, next I transfered (using winscp) a .project 
file from an 

existing eclipse project to the remote git repository. After adding and 
commiting the changes I could import this project into eclipse, modify the 
project and push the changes back to the remote repository successfully without 
the [rejected] error.

This is a hen and egg problem:
1) I cannot push a valid eclipse project to a remote repository unless the 
eclipse project was imported from the same remote repository
2) I cannot import a remote repository without .project file into eclipse.

Does a solution exist except for using other tools to get a .project into the 
remote repository?


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