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Re: [egit-dev] galileo build broken

2010/12/10 David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
> we should not have Europa dependencies. Is there a simple way to check this other than checking every bundle manually ?
I do not know. grep for 'europa' in any files that would reference a p2 url? I really was "grasping at straws", just in case it reminded you of anything ... unlikely to be a factor. 

our source files surely don't contain 'europa'
> This also fails quite often since a few days, rerunning 
> the egit build usually yields a successful build.

Even for intermittent bugs, you should open a bug on Eclipse Foundation (servers component, or, I guess hudson, if you think related to "slaves" or what not) with as much info as possible, including times, URLs involved, preferably shortly after it happens so info in error or server logs (for example) might be easier to spot. ... occasionally there are glitches (that I do not completely understand) where part of the "internal" network between Eclipse Foundation nodes will be broken, but not all legs of the network, so it is a matter of probability if your request is routed through a good or bad path. But, honestly ... I'm just guessing and suggesting the little I know. It could be completely something else. Hard to debug. Sorry I can't help further. 

ok, I'll file bugs for that 

thanks for the hints :-) 


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