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Re: [egit-dev] Installing EGit on windows - issues and what I have done so far

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> > I use the same login to install and use Eclipse
> >
> On Vista and later versions of windows that may not be sufficient as
> does funky folder redirection/virtualization to discourage programmes
> into their program file folder (and give them a greater chance of working
> with multiple or none administrative users), this normally works fine but
> depending on how the file is later opened it can sometimes cause problems.
> The simplest advise is if you aren't using a proper windows installer then
> don't just unzip programs into Program Files, instead use a different

A consequence of what you have told us is that any use of installation or
update within Eclipse is likely to not work / partially work. So this may
not be an EGit problem at all.

Last night, I installed Eclipse in a different location (D:\eclipse) and
then installed EGit and upgraded to the recent release (of Eclipse).  This
all worked, and continued to work when I moved D:\eclipse back to C:\Program
Files\eclipse. Which somewhat validates what you say.


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