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[egit-dev] Installing EGit on windows - issues and what I have done so far


I have tried to install EGit into Eclipse on Windows (Vista, 32bit) but it
does not appear under Project / Team / Share Project. I would be grateful
for any suggestions on what to try next?

Steps so far:
- Removed eclipse from my PC (after several previous attempts to install).
- Installed into C:\Windows\Program
- Start eclipse and then added as a
site and installed EGit and JGit 0.9.3 from there
- Opened my project, which already contains a command line git repository
- right-clicked on project, chose Team / Share Project...
Result: CVS dialog came up.

Help / Installation details / Installed Software - shows
Eclipse EGit (Incubation)	0.9.3
Eclipse IDE for PHP Developers	1.3.20100617-0520	epp.package.php
Eclipse JGit (Incubation)	0.9.3

However, EGit is not listed in Features or in Plugins

In the community forum, I have noticed several similar issue, including


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