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Re: [egit-dev] tycho build

I feel really embarrassed now, but I can't make this work...

I amended your commit as you suggested and "git show" shows commit
2ff39c4 with proper Change-Id and Signed-off-by. When I try to "git
push", however, I get "remote rejected/has duplicates" error message.
Here is exact command I use

git push ssh://ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/egit/parallelip-egit.git HEAD:refs/for/master

Also, I must be missing something very simple, but "Replace Changes"
talks about adding new patch sets to existing change. And as far as I
can see, both you and I were able to associated multiple commits with my
other change So I am even more confused now.


Sohn, Matthias wrote:
Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've tried to add my changes to,131
but for whatever reason gerrit ignored Change-Id I provided and created
new change,134. Not quite sure if I
did something wrong or if this is a gerrit bug/feature.

Probably you put another commit on top of,131 and pushed that one. If "git log" shows two separate commits that's what happened.

This is explained here :
"... Each new commit uploaded by the git push client will be converted into a change record on the server."

Instead you should have done
	git add <files you changed>
git commit --amend to update your previous commit with your additional changes and then push this updated change to Gerrit.

To fix this you may now squash these two commits using
	git rebase --interactive
This is explained e.g. here Ensure that the squashed change has the ChangeID of,131
and "git log" now only shows a single commit for your squashed changes.
Then push it to Gerrit, when the result at,131 looks ok abandon the other change.

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