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RE: [egit-dev] [RFC] Showing diff in History View

Sorry, I pressed "Ctrl + Enter" in the mail before...

Matthias Sohn wrote:
> Stefan is aware of that but since the diff patch series is still in IP
> review
> it's parked on the cq-diff branch of the JGit repository. Hence he is
> now
> wondering how to treat patches for EGit which depend on these pending
> patches
> for JGit.

Yes exactly, the contributor guide says I should push to 

git push ssh://username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/egit/parallelip-egit.git HEAD:refs/for/master

I wonder if I should push not to refs/for/master but to another target. Or should I just write into the comment that my fix will not build against the master branch of JGit but only with the content of the cq-diff branch.


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