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[egit-dev] [RFC] Showing diff in History View

We want to show the diff result from the new diff implementation (still located in branch cq-diff) in the history view. The result should look like in gitk, or like the result of git show. At first we tackle only the case of one parent commit (no merges).
Firstly, I have a question about the branching infrastructure:
Our code in egit is based on commits located in the cq-diff branch of jgit. How should I push to Gerrit? Will there be a new branch in the egit repository?
Secondly, I have a conceptual question:
In eclipse history view we filter for the commits which contain the selected resources, or the enclosing folder or project; as I know, this feature does not exist in gitk. Should we also filter the diff output accordingly? The filter makes the diff output somehow difficult to understand. The parent changes to one that is not the “real” parent. The diffs are only a subset of all diffs between the two commits.

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