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RE: [egit-dev] [RFC] Showing diff in History View

Robin Rosenberg wrote:
> Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 10:14 AM
> fredag 23 oktober 2009 12:57:55 skrev  Lay, Stefan:
> > We want to show the diff result from the new diff implementation (still
> > located in branch cq-diff) in the history view. The result should look like
> > in gitk, or like the result of git show. At first we tackle only the case
> > of one parent commit (no merges).
> >
> > Firstly, I have a question about the branching infrastructure:
> > Our code in egit is based on commits located in the cq-diff branch of jgit.
> > How should I push to Gerrit? Will there be a new branch in the egit
> > repository?
> JGit has its own repo.  See 
> for details.  Examples for JGit and EGit included.

Stefan is aware of that but since the diff patch series is still in IP review
it's parked on the cq-diff branch of the JGit repository. Hence he is now
wondering how to treat patches for EGit which depend on these pending patches
for JGit.


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