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Re: [ee4j-pmc] Enable GitHub self-service?


On Thu, Sep 28, 2023 at 3:10 AM Ivar Grimstad via ee4j-pmc <ee4j-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear PMC,

It is now possible to enable self-service ( for our projects at GitHub. This will capture the existing configuration as code in a separate repo (.eclipsefdn) and any committer can create PRs against this repo to change the configuration to fit your needs. The PRs will need to be approved by EF staff (and project leads if needed) before being merged and the changes finally being applied to GitHub. 

Here is an example of a PR from another project enabling consistent branch protection rules for all repositories: 

Each project will have its own dashboard to look at the current configuration in a convenient way and a playground to experiment with configuration changes, e.g. A list of all Eclipse projects that have this already enabled can be found via this link: 

The documentation of all supported resources and their settings is available at:

The infra team at Eclipse Foundation will make all preparations and create the first PR for demonstration purposes and also provide help for any questions that may arise. Even if it is enabled, we can still file Helpdesk-requests as Today.

Please give a +1 if you think we should enable this now for our GitHub organizations (, and 

And of course, object if you don't want us to enable this at this moment (it may become mandatory in the future).



Ivar Grimstad

Jakarta EE Developer Advocate | Eclipse Foundation

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