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Re: [ee4j-pmc] [External] : New project proposal Eclipse Documentation for Jakarta EE
  • From: Ed Bratt <ed.bratt@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 May 2023 08:30:28 -0700
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I would recommend we ballot the scope change just to make it clear this material is leaving the context of the specification project. I believe, since the scope statements are rather vague across the board, it would be better to formally ballot this change.

I would prefer that license not change, I believe it is EDL for everything (BSD 3-clause).

-- Ed

On 5/3/2023 10:17 PM, Ivar Grimstad via ee4j-pmc wrote:

On Thu, May 4, 2023 at 12:32 AM Ed Bratt <ed.bratt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I submitted a couple of comments:

Oracle would prefer we stick with existing license (EDL I believe).

I am okay with that.  

I believe the Platform project, which currently holds this content, will need a restructuring ballot to change the scope and formalize that this material is removed from the scope of the Platform Spec project.

Yes, a restructuring review by the EMO. No ballots are involved. 
Since the current scope statement doesn't say anything about the tutorial, first cup, or examples, this should just be a formality to tick some checkbox somewhere.

-- Ed

On 5/3/2023 11:21 AM, Eclipse Management Office EMO via ee4j-pmc wrote:
Dear PMC,
please respond to this message with a +1 if you're prepared to take on responsibility for overseeing the governance of this/these new project(s)
Proposal link:

Ticket link:

Project Description: The Eclipse Documentation for Jakarta EE project provides documentation and related examples for the Jakarta EE platform and its components. It is a guide to developing enterprise applications for the Jakarta EE Platform, using Eclipse GlassFish Server and other popular runtimes.
Thanks in advance!
Maria Teresa Delgado

The Eclipse Management Organization | Eclipse Foundation

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Ivar Grimstad

Jakarta EE Developer Advocate | Eclipse Foundation Eclipse Foundation - Community. Code. Collaboration. 

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