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[eclipselink-users] Cannot get MOXy to work


I'm using Eclipse Helios, JDK1.6 and I'm trying to create Java classes from
a .xsd file using Moxy. I have added
org.eclipse.moxy-2.1.1.v20100817-r8050.jar to my project build path (when I
check the Persistence facet of my project, although EclipseLInk 2.1.1 is
specified, this jar doesn't appear automatically).

I have created the file in the same directory as my .xsd
file as detailed in the wiki at

However when I right click my .xsd file and select Generate -> JAXB Classes,
the dialog complains that it cannot find a JAXB implementation on the
classpath. If I tick the checklbox Use Moxy as JAXB implementation and
continue I get a ClassNotFoundException
org.eclipse.persistence.jaxb.xjc.MOXyXJC. Looking inside
org.eclipse.moxy-2.1.1.v20100817-r8050.jar the xjc package is not present.

Where do I find this class, or have I missed something in the setup

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