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Re: [eclipselink-users] Problems with Eclipselink 2 (JPA 2.0) & WebLogic 10


The first thing to define is:

Is JPA 1.0 interface enough for you or do you need 2.0?

In my env. I did not have the option to change anything in the Weblogic installation so I had to go for 1.0 interface.

It was quite simple:

1 - use eclipselink-2.1.0.jar (everything in one JAR) because this JAR has all 2.0 classes that are not in 1.0 (this is necessary to let the classes be loaded)

2 - remove javax.persistence 2.0 jar from your EAR

3 - configure weblogic-application.xml with: <prefer-application-packages><package-name>org.eclipse.persistence.*</package-name>

4 - make sure persistence.xml is 1.0 complient

It worked OK for me.



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