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Re: [eclipselink-users] Cannot get MOXy to work

Hi Roger,

There may be a class missing from the MOXy bundle, we are currently looking into this. The eclipse.jar contains the necessary file, and for now you could use this jar instead of the individual bundles.


RogerV wrote:

I'm using Eclipse Helios, JDK1.6 and I'm trying to create Java classes from
a .xsd file using Moxy. I have added
org.eclipse.moxy-2.1.1.v20100817-r8050.jar to my project build path (when I
check the Persistence facet of my project, although EclipseLInk 2.1.1 is
specified, this jar doesn't appear automatically).

I have created the file in the same directory as my .xsd
file as detailed in the wiki at

However when I right click my .xsd file and select Generate -> JAXB Classes,
the dialog complains that it cannot find a JAXB implementation on the
classpath. If I tick the checklbox Use Moxy as JAXB implementation and
continue I get a ClassNotFoundException
org.eclipse.persistence.jaxb.xjc.MOXyXJC. Looking inside
org.eclipse.moxy-2.1.1.v20100817-r8050.jar the xjc package is not present.

Where do I find this class, or have I missed something in the setup


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